AFE 42-12034 DFS780 Fuel System Works With Factory Pump

Product Description
Fits: 2011-2012 Dodge 6.7L Cummins (Works With Factory Pump)

The AFE 42-12034 DFS780 Fuel System with Part-Time Operation for your 2011-2012 Dodge 6.7L Cummins provides you with a fuel system upgrade designed to work with the factory lift pump in your Cummins pickup. The fuel in your truck contains contaminants, water and air/vapor which reduces power and can cause damage to your injectors. The AFE DFS780 Fuel System features a patent-pending design capable of removing power-robbing entrained air, water and contaminants. The DFS780 ensures constant availability for your CP3 injection pump, while improving throttle response and horsepower at all RPMs.

Clear High-Impact Polycarbonate Sight Glass: Allows visual inspection of fuel.

Helical Bronze Spur Gears: Bronze gears more forgiving of contaminants than steel gears. The Helical spur gear design runs quieter than straight cut gears.

Billet 6061-T6 Aluminum Manifold: Eliminates porosity concerns with cast aluminum.

"Marine Grade" Motor: Protected against dust intrusion and powerful water jets.

Horsepower & Flow: The DFS780 can be used on stock or modified trucks. BSFC (Brake Specific Fuel Consumption) for most modern turbocharged diesel engines is about 0.36 lbs/HP/hr. Since #2 diesel weighs about 7 pounds/gallon, which gives us about 19.5 HP/gallon/hr. The DFS780 will flow enough fuel (at rated pressure) to support over 2000 HP.

Plug & Play Installation: Supplied harness attaches directly to battery and utilizes Deutsch weather-proof connectors. No cutting or modifications of the stock fuel lines required. Vehicle can easily be returned to stock.

Boost Activated Pump Engagement: Supplied preset boost switch activates pump only under load, reducing wear & tear on both the DFS780 and the stock lift pump.

PEEK Bearing Wear Surfaces: The DFS780 spur gears ride on PEEK (Polyether Ether Ketone) bearing surfaces to reduce both noise and wear.

Contoured CNC Machining Of Manifold Passages: Enhances flow through the manifold to reduce pressure drop due to flow restrictions.

Direct Bolt-on Steel Mounting Bracket: Heavy duty bracket mounts to the frame and utilizes existing hole to secure.

Fuel Pressure Gauge Port: 1/8" NPT port allows you to attach an external pressure gauge to monitor fuel pressure.

O.E Quality Viton Seals: Compatible with diesel and biodiesel fuels.


Works On-Demand With Factory Fuel Pump (Part-Time Operation)
"Worry Free" 2 Year Warranty
Built In The U.S.A
$ 945.00