Product Description
The AFE 75-81262-1 Pro-Guard 7 Magnum Force Stage 2 Si Intake System increases flow and performance in your 2008-2010 Ford 6.4L Powerstroke. The aFe Stage 2 sealed cold air intake produces up to 28 HP and up to 54 lbs. x ft. torque while out flowing the factory intake by up to 41%. Fully sealed in a durable commercial grade designed rotomolded air box, this air intake system features a 5-1/2" Pro-GUARD 7 washable/reusable, high filtration conical air filter that provides maximum filtration (99.7% efficient) with increased air flow. This intake system features a heat-insulating molded plastic intake tube and a unique turbo adaptor that funnels air into the turbo for improved volumetric efficiency and maximum performance while lowering Intake Air Temps (I.A.T). The pre-oiled Pro-GUARD 7 performance air filter is constructed with 100% polyurethane for long life and multiple cleaning cycles. Utilizing factory mounting points, this system is easy to assemble and easy to install.

Fully Sealed Design
aFe engineers have designed a very sophisticated 2-piece sealed intake housing that keeps out warm underhood air and brings in cooler, outside air for a denser intake charge.
5-1/2" 360 Degree Air Filter–
A cone 360 degree round air filter is used for maximum air flow and filtration (99.7% efficient). The patented Pro-GUARD 7 performance air filter features 5-layers of progressive cotton gauze and 2-layers of synthetic media and is constructed with 100% polyurethane for long life and multiple cleaning cycles.
Hassle-Free Installation
aFe has developed this intake to provide a hassle-free installation that utilizes all factory mounting locations.
Optional Add-On Dynamic Air Scoop
aFe has engineered this intake system to work with the the optional Magnum Force Dynamic Air Scoop. The Dynamic Air Scoop (D.A.S.) is placed over the battery to efficiently channel additional air from the front grille into the air box reducing air intake temperatures by 25 degrees over the factory intake. (sold separately, see related items below) 


  • +28HP & 54 Ft-lbs. 
  • Easy, Bolt-On Installation 
  • Pro-Guard 7 Oiled Air Filter

        $ 350.55