AFE 90-20001 PRO Guard D2 Synthetic 75W-90 Limited Slip Gear Oil

Product Description
Fits:Universal - 1 Quart Bottle

The AFE 90-20001 75W-90 Pro-Guard D2 Fully Synthetic Gear Oil is competition proven and utilizes next generation synthetic oil technology to provide consistent limited slip differential performance no matter what type of vehicle you drive. Ideal for both clutch type and torsion type differentials. It outperforms conventional gear lubricants and delivers outstanding performance in all heavy duty applications from towing/hauling to extreme environments like off-roading, UTV'S and rock crawling.

Group IV synthetic base:
This competition proven formulation utilizes a group IV synthetic base along with a proprietary additive package that reduces drag, resist foaming and maintains its viscosity under extreme heat and high loads.

The PRO Guard D2 Synthetic 75W-90 limited slip gear oil exceeds the performance requirements of API GL-5 recommended for both open and limited slip applications.


Consistent Limited Slip Operation
Exceeds API GL-5 Specifications
High Temperature High Shear Stability
Lowers Operating Temperature
Group IV Synthetic Base Oil

Note: Not for use in transmission. Do not mix with other fluids.
$ 17.95

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