Product Description
Fits:2011+ Ford 6.7L Powerstroke

The ATS 3029503368 Five-Star Torque Converter for your 2011+ Ford 6.7L Powerstroke 6R140 features a revolutionary torque converter design that utilizes innovative fluid assist technology. This technology works in conjunction with the fluid-coupling portion of the torque converter, to transfer more engine power through the torque converter. Resulting in increased efficiency with less mechanical energy turned into heat. Less heat means that more power is transferred to the wheels and transmissions operate more efficiently with more dependability. At low speeds the Five Star Torque Converter has less effect on power transfer allowing for optimal stall speed. Our unique five disc design provides a 100% mechanical bond during lock-up, ensuring no plate slippage even at power levels of 2000 + foot pounds of torque. Optimal stall speed, maximum torque multiplication and 100% efficiency is now possible with the innovation of the ATS Five Star torque converter.
Simply put, the Five Star Toque Converters efficient design equates to higher fuel economy, better performance and unsurpassed reliability.


5-Year / 500,000 Mile Warranty
Furnace Braised Impeller Vanes
Internally Balanced Turbine
Patented Square Lug Design
Hardened Pump Drive Hub
Proprietary Mixed Flow Stator
Exclusive 12 Bolt Cover Design
Patented Two Piece Construction
Patented Viskus Clutch Drive w/ Square Tab Lugs
Billet Piston
Billet Cover
$ 1,790.75

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