BAK Industries BAKFlip CS Tonneau Cover & Rack System

Product Description
Fits: Ford | Dodge | GM

The BakFlip CS hard folding truck bed cover and sliding rack system is the absolute perfect product for contractors
sports enthusiast or anyone looking for a tonneau cover and a rack at the same time. Whether you're a plumber or a surfer,an electrician or a kayaker, the BakFlip CS is designed to give you the ultimate functionality and security of a great tonneau cover and an extremely well made rack. The rack system itself integrates into the BakFlip rails and can slide up and down with the simple twist of an included T-key. Locking the rack down after sliding it to any desired position is just as easy. The rack uprights easily slide off for time when you want a clean looking ride, or can simply slide all the way forward and be kept neatly behind your cab. The BakFlip tonneau cover provides ultimate security
but folds open just as easily whenever you need full access to your truck. The CS rack is designed to handle 500 lbs. of weight and the BakFlip can handle almost as much evenly distributed weight on top of it. Included in the BakFlip CS tonneau cover system are sliding tie downs for your rails and sliding load locks to grip ladders
lumber etc.


Integrated Tonneau & Rack
Sliding Back/Rail System
Works w/ BakBox
Sliding Load Locks
Sliding Tie Downs

Dodge Application Note: The BAKFlip CS Tonneau Cover & Rack System is not compatible with trucks that have the Ram Box Bed Storage.

Product Options: 2008-2016 Ford Super Duty - Short Bed (80") - 26310BT
2008-2016 Ford Super Duty - Long Bed (96.25") - 26311BT
1999-2007 Ford Super Duty - Short Bed (80.25") - 26303BT
1999-2007 Ford Super Duty - Long Bed (97") - 26304BT
2009-2016 Dodge Ram - Short Bed (5'7") (w/o Ram Box) - 26207BT
2003-2016 Dodge Ram - Std. Bed (74.50") (w/o Ram Box) - 26203BT
2003-2016 Dodge Ram - Long Bed (96.50") - 26204BT
1994-2002 Dodge Ram - Short Bed (76") - 26201BT
1994-2002 Dodge Ram - Long Bed (96.75") - 26202BT
1988-2014 GM Silverado/Sierra & C/K - Short Bed (77") - 26101BT
1988-2014 GM Silverado/Sierra & C/K - Long Bed (96.25") - 26102BT
2015-2016 GM Silverado/Sierra - Short Bed (77") - 26121BT
2015-2016 GM Silverado/Sierra - Long Bed (96.25") - 26122BT
2015-2016 GM Colorado / Canyon - Standard Bed (6') - 26125BT
2015-2016 GM Colorado / Canyon - Short Bed (5') - 26126BT

$ 1,519.88

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