BAK Industries Roll-X Tonneau Cover

Product Description

Roll-X hard rolling tonneau cover is the newest category of tonneau covers to emerge from the minds that have brought you the most innovative and functional tonneau covers anywhere in the world to date. The Roll-X truck bed cover literally combines all the best features of a convenient soft rolling tonneau cover with the advantages of a heavy duty, lockable, impact resistant, full functioning hard tonneau cover. For the first time ever, you can now gain easy access to your truck, without any heavy lifting or effort and gain the much needed stability and security that comes from having an incredibly well built, heavy duty aluminum cover on the back of your truck.

The Roll-X literally grips the rails as it is unrolled to cover your truck, so that you cannot great into it, no matter where you try to pry it open. It will not rattle, shake, or flop around like a soft cover and is incredible in all weather conditions. It's health fit and appearance exudes a contemporary look that is refined and designed to make your truck look like a million bucks! It is easy to install, requires no drilling, is there when you need it and gone when you don't.

The Roll-X hard rolling truck bed cover ensures full access to your bed and your stake pockets and has no canisters or components that take up any valuable space in the truck bed. If you're looking for a tonneau cover that literally is the most advanced, most functional tonneau on the market, then look to the all new hard rolling Roll-X. It's new for 2012 and without question, BAK Industries best foot forward since the advent of the worlds best selling BakFlip tonneau cover.

  • Flush (No Profile) Design!
  • Locking Rail Design For Security
  • Rock Solid, Roll-Up Tonneau Cover
$ 850.00

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