Banks Power Six-Gun Diesel Tuner 63717

Product Description

Fits: 2004.5-2005 GM 6.6L Duramax LLY 2500/3500

Calibrated for racing and sport, Six-Gun is a fully engineered diesel tuner with an unmatched combination of power, safety and versatility. It delivers pavement-shredding best gains of +105 hp and +258 lb-ft at the rear wheels; has 6 change-on-the-fly power levels; is Stacked for Power® to timing and fuel pressure; and has exclusive AutoRate® and ActiveSafety® engine and transmission safeguards.

Banks Six-Gun Diesel Tuner offers the highest proven horsepower and torque—up to +102 hp and +275 lb-ft with recommended airflow improvements. Calibrated for racing and sport, Six-Gun is Stacked for Power® to tune pulse width, timing and fuel pressure, all in one device. Six-Gun provides six-levels of adjust-on-the-fly power and contains exclusive built-in safeguards.

AutoRate®, an electronic powertrain management system that automatically adjusts power output to a safe level for prevailing conditions, includes:

  • Torque converter clutch lockup protection
  • Transmission slip detection
  • Safe-range turbo calibration
  • Cold engine protection

ActiveSafety® features ensure that Six-Gun electronics will in no way impact the durability or function of the on-board electronics.

Six-Gun Diesel Tuner installs quickly and easily. By far, the most performance, value, safety and advanced engineering of any tuner, anywhere!

2-Year Ltd. Warranty 

$ 618.00

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