Cognito CLKP-1004.4 4"-6" Lift Kit with Bilstein Shocks

Product Description

Fits: 2001-2010 GM 3500HD 4WD

The Cognito CLKP-1004.4 4"-6" Lift Kit with Bilstein Shocks will lift your 01-10 GM 3500HD Pickup 4"-6".Chevy and GMC 4-6 Inch non-torsion bar drop Lift Kit Package- 2001-2010 4WD Diesel or Gas engine 3500HD single rear wheel and Dually.

Front CV Driveline required if vehicle will be operated in 4WD frequently and/or over 20 MPH in 4wd, sold separately p/n DRIVELINE-3194-9800. Carrier bearing spacer will be needed if the rear driveline is 2 piece typical of crew cab long bed trucks, sold separately p/n CBSK2-3. Front heavy duty swaybar highly recommended for safety sold separately p/n SWAYBAR-8239. 33" dia 12.5" wide tire max on 8"-10" wide wheel with 4.35"-5.15" backspacing for single rear wheel, dual rear wheel can run 35" tire on stock wheels but needs 2" wheel spacer in rear, not included. This package is to run front lift height at 4-5", for 6" lift height, must add Cognito upper control arm kit, torsion bar key kit, and taller rear lift block.

This package includes: -'FSLK100407' front box kit including PISK2008 pitman/idler arm support kit -(2) 'BILSTEIN-4NTBDFK-GM8L-2001' front Bilstein shocks -(2) 'BILSTEIN-4R-GM8L' rear Bilstein shocks -'BUK10-2.0T-16' 2" block and u-bolt kit

$ 2,189.75