Gorilla Digital DSP5 Switch

Product Description
The Gorilla Digital DSP5 Switch adds function and style to the interior of your 2001-2010 GM 6.6L Duramax. This digital DSP5 switch allows you to easily change your EFILive DSP-5 tune at the push of a button. Featuring a large 1" LED numerical display, you can clearly see what tune you are in, even at a quick glance. The LED display is available in red, green, white and blue to suit your personal preference, or to match your existing interior backlighting.
The digital DSP-5 switch is encased in a standard 2 1/16” gauge pod housing for an easy/clean/no-drilling/cutting install anywhere that a standard 2 1/16” gauge will fit, such as an A-pillar mount, overhead mount, cubby hole mount, etc. The tune control buttons are back-lit for easy access/viewing at night. Installation is very easy, with only 4 wires to hook up. The display will dim automatically at night when the headlights turn on. (You can also manually dim it at any time by pressing both "up" and "down" buttons simultaneously)
Also included is the "valet" mode. This is an extra "signal wire" that, when grounded, locks the DSP-5 switch into the stock-tune. Regardless of which buttons are pushed, or if the truck is restarted, as long as the valet-signal wire is grounded, your truck and engine is safe from any abusive drivers that you might lend your truck to! Several methods of terminating the wire are either a simple hidden toggle switch under the dash, or a full key-lock switch. This can also be used as a "no-start" anti-theft switch so when the hidden toggle switch is flipped, the truck will not start.
Additional settings can be programmed by the end user as well, such as "tune recall" (you can set the DSP-5 switch to recall the last tune that was selected when the truck is restarted, or you can set the DSP-5 switch to always revert back to stock tune at each key-cycle), and "tune reversal" (you can set the DSP-5 switch to run the tunes in reverse, in case your tuner has your "race tune" in the "stock tune" tables instead of "DSP #4" tables in EFILive)
All wiring, as well as the appropriate ECM pins are included!


  • Digital Display
  • Multiple Color Options 
  • Works With EFILive Custom Tuning
$ 149.99

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