PPE Duramaximizer Power Module LB7/LLY

Product Description
When you want your Duramax to produce the "Max" possible power, you want the PPE Duramaximizer. Designed for racing engines equipped with PPE’s Dual Fueler CP3 Pump Kit, the Duramaximizer provides up to an additional 100 hp and 180 ft. lbs. of torque by allowing for additional fuel pressure to be dialed into the fuel system beyond what is requested by the factory PCM. Providing a true "kick in the pants" feeling, it is activated only above the 70% throttle position that the driver determines. Setting the unit is easily done with just the turn of a knob, and tuning can be done on the fly. It even lowers the EGTs at the same time!

  • On-The-Fly Adjustability
  • Allows maximum PSI to be achieved from single or dual CP3 fuel

(Please specify if you have factory fog lights or a factory passenger airbag switch to determine which control knob location kit to include)

$ 536.39

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